Dear Readers, I am trying something new today. This is being done before I go in for CAPTAIN AMERICA – THE FIRST AVENGER! Since I watched FAST 5 this is the most excited I have been about a movie. If this movie kicks off the way it has been promised, then the future will be one marvel! My expectation so far is this, I have seen the trailer and it seems like it’s one stunt after another, a 90 pound asthmatic weakling is turned into a super soldier. Chris Evans stars in the movie so I am guessing there will be ample humor and it’s done by director Joe Johnston who gave us JURRASIC PARK 3 and I personally found that movie quite good. Well here I go, see you in a bit!

And I am back……

When Captain America throws his mighty shield,

All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield,

If he’s led to a fight and the duel is due,

When the red and white and the blue will come through,

When Captain America throws his mighty shield!


I simply am unable to get that rhyme out of my mind since the movie; it was for me like I was 8 years old and watching Captain America on a TV show. (Yes I used to watch Captain America, in fact I used to watch Gem, there was no Play Station back then and the ATARI was not much fun!) Although I have read a few of his comics, I was more into Superman and Tin Tin therefore I had no clue how the first avenger came into being! Hence a movie I thoroughly enjoy and am much duly entertained with. Kids would like this movie, comic book lovers would love this movie, and adults may have mixed reactions to it and also the ladies who like Chris Evans may enjoy the movie and him both alike. Hence viewer discretion is advised.

This being said, for those of your viewers who have never been into superhero movies and are contemplating whether or not you should go for this movie, do not hesitate, it will not fail you like DAREDEVIL nor will it be too sci fi like FANTASTIC FOUR (Chris Evans stars as the Human Torch) instead this time around we have a superhero who is unable fly and who is very much human.

As rightly mentioned by director Joe Johnston

If you take the most powerful fastest Olympic athlete and add 25percent that would be this guy. He is very much grounded to reality”

The most appealing factor of it all is its direct proportionate relativity to WW2. Although a slight pimp up is being done to the dynamics, the enemy is at large as the Nazis were back in the 1940s’. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) a patriot who turns hero is chosen for an experimental project in the creation of a new form of super soldier for the US military. Rogers who is recruited by Dr.Erskin (Stanley Tucci) and is trained by Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) is the weakest recruit on the platoon. The experiments which take place in a secret military facility is a success and is supported by Howard Shark (Dominic Cooper) aka Iron Man’s father! Rogers is injected with Serum that makes him bloat and turns him into a supersized Captain America (Chris Evans went through a 10 week program with Simon Waterson an ex-military personnel , the same who trained Daniel Craig for 007 – so they are not spray on ABS!). However a sudden complication with an enemy infiltration during the experiment kills Dr. Erkins and destroys whatever of the Serum that remained destroying along with it any hope of recreating the special juice. Thus Steve Rogers becomes unique. Rogers now has a motive to find and destroy those who brutally shot Dr.Erskin at point blank range. Red Skull aka Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) be aware!

With rumors of 6 more movies to come, and with AVENGERS due for release 4th May 2012, CAPTAIN AMERICA – THE FIRST AVENGER is a must watch for all those who are anticipating the next few marvel productions.

In a nutshell an expectation to delivery satisfaction ratio is more than evident; CAPTAIN AMERICA – THE FIRST AVENGER a tad below 4 stars!


Directed by: Joe Johnston

Starring: Chris Evans, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Dominic Cooper, Stanley Tucci and Hayley Atwell

Rated: PG 13 for intense sequences of sci fi violence and action

Rated: 7.5/10

124 Minutes