Based on the 1983-1987 tv show, The A-Team is an action packed adventure with some comedy thrown in. It has a cast some well known actors such as Liam Neelson, Bradley Cooper, Patrick Wilson, and Jessica Biel. It takes place in present day Iraq and follows four men known as The A-Team.   Starting out in Mexico each memeber of the elite group is introduced while in action. Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith (Liam Neelson) is being held by two corrupt Mexican officers but escapes just in time before the guard dogs could get him. Smith then meets up with Ranger Bosco B.A. Barcus (Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson) in his GMC Vandra van after he steals it back and rushes to save Templeton “Faceman” Peck (Bradley Cooper) who is also being held at a ranch for seducing General Tuco’s wife. They head to the near by army hospital to recruit the crazy pilot H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdock (Sharlto Copley) who rescues the team in a helicopter and wins the dogfight against Tuco after luring him into a U.S. F-22 Raptor. After eight years and eighty successful missions, the team is stationed in Iraq. CIA agent Lynch (Patrick Wilson) contacts Hannibal telling him that Iraqi insurgents have U.S. treasury plates and are using them to make counterfeit money and wants him and his team to get the plates back along with the one billion dollars of counterfeit money. The only thing standing in their way is Captain Charissa Saso (Jessica Biel), Face’s ex lover, who tells them to stay out of Baghdad and away from the plates. But after they beg General Morrison for persmission, he allows them to go even though he doesn’t agree with it. So after disgussing a plan the A-Team goes out and once again completes another successful mission. After getting back to Iraq with the truck they get out to tell their commanding officer the good news when the truck containing the money and plates, explodes along with General Morrison’s Humvee. They run to help but know theres no use and now realize that with Morrison gone and being the only proof that they had for proving that they were in fact acting on behalf of the U.S. the team is arrested, dishonorably discharged and sentenced to ten years in federal prison. Six months later Hannibal is visited by Agent Lynch who explains that Pike, leader of the Black Forest team, was the one who blew up the truck and now has the plates and is asking for Hannibal and his team to get the plates back. Hannibal sneaks out of prison and the rest of the team out as well and is on another mission to not only get the plates back but also clear their names.

Knowing that this movie is based on a tv show involving action, it was easy to tell that we would be seeing a lot in the movie. There were plenty of action scenes throughout the movie. But there were some scences that were just too unrealistic. First they had a tractor trailer floating in water by a few air bags that they took from cars, there was another scene were they were falling from the sky in an army tank that had three parachutes on it, while “Faceman” finds time to shoot the tank’s gun at U.S. drones. Then again were talking about the A-Team so we probably should have expected them to pretty much do anything they have to do to complete their missions, which they do.

For the most part you could tell what was going on in the movie and it was easy to follow but there were a couple of scences that weren’t. In the begining scene when Bosco is trying to get his van back he is confronted by a few guys and this is when it gets a little choppy is is somewhat hard to follow and understand what exactly is happening and to who. It is understandable to want every punch on camera but becasue there are quite a few men coming from all angles it was just too choppy. And the same went for the scene with the tank falling from the sky it wasn’t as bad but it was still a little hard to follow.

The A-Team wasn’t a great movie but it wasn’t bad either. It was a serious yet funny at the same time. It had a great cast, lots of action and had an ending that left you in awe and wanting more. Leaving the ending with a hook, we can count on seeing more of the A- Team in the future.