Okay raise your hands if you remember going to the drive in as a kid to see the original planet of the apes. I used to sit on the top of the family car in my pj’s, had popcorn soda and pillow that was the life. Well the drive in is history, but you can still enjoy seeing the apes again  in this tense action sci fi film like the old days .This action sci fi film stars James Franco, Freida Pinto, John Lithgow. It’s directed by Rupert Wyatt and runs 105 minutesThis prequel centers around a researcher for a bio tech pharmaceutical firm will rodman trying to find a cure for alhemizers so he can help his father Charles (John Lithgow) who suffer from it. While doing tests on his patient bright eyes a female chimp he realizes his work is actually paying off when he sees bright eyes flying through various intellectual tests. While in a meeting to explain his results to board members bright eyes goes attacks lab employees and destroys the lab and crashes the meeting. Needles to say the board didn’t like that. So while cleaning up the mess left behind by bright eye’s tempter tantrum they find out she wasn’t affected by the drugs just being protective of her baby that was in her cage with her. One of the wills team members asked him to watch over the baby till he can find a home for him. This is where the fun starts. Will realizes the baby caser had the drug 112 passed on to him from momma bright eyes. He exhibits intelangce of a human as he gets older to make will realize his efforts have paid off. One of those instances was when he took caesar to a doctor to get patched up after a run in with a neighbor and he helps will talk to the lovely doctor caroline aranha (Fredia Pinto) through sign language. But will never expect caser to have feelings like a human. While in the attic he see’s Charles getting attacked and runs out side and attacks the person who was beating up Grandpa Rodman. Needles to say caser couldn’t stay with will, and had to be brought to sanctuary to live. Let’s just say caser wasn’t thrilled with his new roommates at first. His increased intelligence made the transition more interesting. Thing that stood out was how they brought the apes to life was the special effects. You always hear how most films have way to much special effect but it wasn’t thrown all over the place with building blowing up robots flying around etc.They were focused on the special suits the actors used to bring the apes to life. The best part of the film was caeser being put away in sanctuary for apes. He went in never spending time with any apes being the wimpy kid on the block to taking complete control of the whole facility (think god father complex). James Franco leads a fantasic cast followed by frieda pinto (Slum dog millionaire), and the veteran actor John Lithgow (Ricochet, 3rd rock from the sun). Tom Felton (draco malfoy) plays a nasty care taker in charge of the apes he seems to love picking on caesar.What happen to Draco he graduates from Hogwarts and the only job he can find is feeding apes gezz 11 years in school and this is all he can find. I guess the economy has even affected the field of wizardry. He did play the part of a nasty guard very well i guess not much of stretch from Draco.    The cinematography was very well done especially the scenes in the company building, the sanucary, and the golden gate bridge. You saw the intelligence of the apes increase from a non intelligent prime ate to being really pissed at being treated as guineas pigs.  My Favorite part was   Casers intelligence  growth throughout the film especially the hurt of being  put away by will, to the anger that builds in his time locked up to the chimps  attack on the company and the golden gate bridge. They did pay homage to the originals films. Dodge Landon (Draco) was giving a tour to friends and points to one ape called cornelius nice touch.I have to admit the last reboot of planet of the apes with tim burton directing was okay it didn’t do it justice. I was little hesitant myself to see this but left the theater wanting more. I give rise of the planet of the apes 4 stars out of 5.