Class is canceled and the students are running a mock throughout the school. On the day that school starts back up, the ninth graders go on a fun field trip not knowing what really lies ahead. One of the teachers, who is involved in the Japanese revolutionary program called “Battle Royale,” tells the thirty-eight students that they have three days to kill each other off until there is one and the victor goes home. At day three, if there isn’t one standing, then they all will die. Scared and confused, the students are forced to do the unthinkable in this foreign film of blood spatter and the need to survive. 


            So, I have never heard of this film that came out in 2000, until a friend of mine told me that I had to watch it. He said that it is his favorite movie and it is very unique. Well, I saw it and hated it. This film is terrible. The reasoning behind capturing those select students was stupid; saying that the students don’t listen to grown-ups so now they have to force them to kill each other? That is the dumbest reason to cause violence in a film so far and I’ve seen a lot and hear a lot of reasons for their brutal acts. The film has a terrible plot, no climax and horrendous ending. So you kill or be killed, they could have done more with that but didn’t. I noticed that the director tried to draw in the audience with a lot of shock value with the deaths, but it just made me yawn; just because they are kids doesn’t sway my opinion that this is an original and unique movie. There is a scene where some of the babbling teenage girls are hiding out in a watch tower. They have one more day to live until their throats explode or a fellow student murders them, yet they laugh and jump around because an injured boy they all like is up stairs. Really? That makes girls look stupid. All in all, atrocious film and will never see it again. I recommend the reader not watch it either!