If you really wanted to see Hollywood at its worst then you need look no further than this dire romantic comedy, that isn’t very romantic or funny at all.

Marni was a bespectacled,  spotty girl who was constantly bullied in high school, mainly led by the cheerleader J.J. Years later, Marni is now a beautiful, respectable woman who has just been promoted to VP in a PR company but is coming home to celebrate her older brother’s wedding. Little does she know is the woman he is marrying is none other than J.J. Marni’s mother thinks that Marni is being silly with her thoughts of hatred to her would-be sister-in-law until J.J.’s aunt walks in and she is Marni’s mother’s arch nemesis at her high school. Jealousy and bitterness ensure.

Director Andy Fickman one piece of direction…be loud and silly, it will be funny then. Err, no it isn’t. In fact it’s all rather pathetic, especially when you see the talent that is involved.

The plot is so infantile, you genuine wonder if grown women would enter into such a thing. It’s also a bad example of how to deal with being bullied, seek revenge when you are older.

Kristen Bell is a very pretty, very talented actress but if she keeps doing films like this, her career will sink faster than the Titanic. She needs to do something less fluffy and stop trying to be Goldie Hawn and get a few serious roles under her belt.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a fine comedy actress, as proven in Trading Places and Freaky Friday(let’s face it, she was the best thing in that) but here she is reduced to excessive face expressions and stupid behaviour to get laughs, which she doesn’t, while Sigourney Weaver really should have said no. As the couple about to get married, Odette Yustman just shouts and Jimmy Wolk is as bland as bland can be.

The only saving grace to this mess is in the final scenes when Daryl Hall and John Oates perform a live version of Kiss On My List. To get there, you have to sit through the longest 104 minutes of your life.

Sickly, clichéd and a poor excuse of a comedy, this should be destroyed immediately and wiped from everyone’s CV so they can maybe move onto something that is worthy of their talents. Avoid like the plague!