Every now and then there comes a movie that revolutionizes the industry and sets new standards. These standards would later be shattered and more modern benchmarks are set. Thus is the norm within the industry of movies or any other. Few directors have been tagged with titles by fans as leaders in such mass revolutions. James Cameroon (Avatar, Titanic) Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, Transformers) Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator) Todd Phillips (The Hangover) Mel Gibson (Brave heart) and Wes Craven (Scream). Take a moment to consider the above names and the titles. These titles will always be industry benchmarks until otherwise a newer title tops it. How many times have you watched a movie and it’s not as good as the Hangover or Brave heart was better or the soundtrack in not as good as the Gladiator. There is one man who can be considered THE GODFATHER, THE DON amongst the directors/producers and cinemas William Shakespeare. Please welcome Mr. Steven Spielberg! #applause#. Jurassic Park, ET, Saving Private Ryan, Minority Report and the feature of this article JAWS. All of the above done by Spielberg are trend setters within its genres and some of them are yet to be topped by another even at date.


Set in Amity Island in the Early 70s (way before I was born!) JAWS is a frightening eye opener that scared me clear of dark waters up until this day. Chief Brody (Ray Scheider) who is not a great fan of the waters is put to test when the small island community is hit by a suspected Shark attack. The New Yorker who has moved in with his wife and two sons, steps immediately into full throttle and makes preparation to close down the beaches in Amity Island until the matters are resolved. Dollar hungry Mayor Vaughn (Murray Hamilton) does not allow for this to happen and keep the beaches open at the risk of further danger just so he can rake in the summer dollars to the town budget. Death strikes again and this time a young boy is devoured whole by the monstrous man eater in broad daylight in front of the happy summer tourists. An immediate community meeting is called in by the mayor and the businessman of the community to handle the situation before they lose on the summer tourism. A price is set on the man eaters head at $10,000 by veteran seaman Sam Quint (Robert Shaw) and he guarantees them “the head the tail the whole dam thing”. No agreement is made at this point by the mayor. In the meantime the amateur sailors in the community head out in hunt of the man eater and comes back to shore with a tiger shark a few feet long. Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) who is a marine scientist – an oceanographer who investigates the remaining within the sharks belly believes that the bite radius does not match with the captured shark. He suspects it to be a great white!


For a movie that is 36 years old JAWS still remains as one of the most frightening movies to be done with man-eaters in the ocean. The lack of technology in the 70s brings the man and shark closer and the encounters are face to face and the intensity is raw. If set in today’s time I am sure they can fry that great white with a flick of a switch from the sea shore. Although this was a hit back in time and also this was one of those movies I grew up with, the younger generations of today underestimate the value of classics as this. At a time where most movies are being remade in high tech studios it’s time we salute those movies of the yesteryear.


Its time you all watched JAWS.


Title: Jaws

Directed by: Steven Speilberg

Starring: Ray Scheider, Sam Quint, Richard Dreyfuss, Murray Hamilton and Lorraine Gary

Rating: 08/10

124 Minutes