In the future, Washington D.C. is crime free thanks to the efforts of a specialized elite squad called Precrime, lead by Detective John Aderton (Cruise) and his team. They use pre-visions of future crimes using the minds of three gifted humans called “Pre-Cogs”, making use of the visions to predict crime even before it happens. Detective Anderton believes that the Precrime system is perfect, but when a recent Pre-Cog vision has John labelled for a future crime, he makes a run for it and tries to find a way to prove his innocence.

A Steven Spielberg directed future-noir science fiction, that is roughly based on a sci-fi short story of the same name written by Philip K. Dick. Murder and mystery in the near future is the plot of this future set crime story. The film won rave reviews during its release and was considered one of 2002’s best winning several awards for sound, editing, and Best Science Fiction.

The film stars Hollywood heavyweight Tom Cruise in another high adrenaline and action packed film. Just like in any other Tom Cruise action flick, expect the to see the actor brilliantly running across the screen in some very exciting and entertaining choreographed sequences.

Awesome film. Spielberg + Tom Cruise + Science Fiction = Awesome! A formula later relived in “War of the Worlds (2005)”. The freedom of choice is the obvious theme in this. “There is always a choice”, “You can choose”, “The future is always uncertain”, “Can freewill exist when ones future is set”, or what not. The future world Spielberg creates is great. The ending though was a bit off for me. Pushed a little bit too far in terms of the story. But still, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is one gorgeous eye-candy of a film worth seeing.