When Spielberg discussed themes of awakening and relationships between man and machine in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE back in early 2000/01, I felt sharp needles having a go at my heart when young David longed for his mothers love. Move in time a few years forward and enter 2011 I am lost for words again. MARS NEEDS MOMS just came out of nowhere and took me by surprise at the very least expected moments. Discussing themes similar to AI and ET this animation is a must watch for all ages. For those few who have out grown animations and consider themselves highly progressive and mature audiences , well tough luck for you, it’s a your loss. I always believe we all have a child in us all and at times we need to feed that juvenile hunger.


Milo just the same as we all were when we were younger (that’s a long time ago for some of us, not so much for me!) hated doing house hold chores. I myself can proudly say I have boycotted every single household chore that came my way and so has my brother, which goes to say that obviously the parents had a lot of work on their shoulders. Well Milo is not that lucky since his mom has him on a very short leash and makes sure he is well disciplined. (Does that say something about me?) She is in fact super good at what she does that she is being head hunted by the Martians to come train their army of Nanny-bots to look after the little Martians. The Martians have evolved quite so that they do not believe in families, but it’s more like a military controlled planet where the Female Martians run the show and the males are banished. So much for male domination! The Martians mummy-nap Milos’ mom. Milo in an attempt to save her gets stuck in the landing gear of the ship and ends up in a space trip to mars. Clearly the Martians want only the mom and Milo is not welcomed very well, instead he was shot at and chased until a mysterious voice guides Milo to safety. Milo unites with his savior Gribble and soon is prepared to head out on a mission to save his mum. All because he “loves his mum” 


What is animation? Brad Bird once said that animation is not a genre. Animation is a form of art. In animation (this wondrous form of art) any genre of movie may be brought to life. May it be comedy, thriller, or action it can be done. I personally rightly agree with what Brad Bird perceives. Walt Disney Productions along with Imagemovers Productions twists this form of art and uses a different approach in the creative department. It is not the first time that Imagemovers productions has experimented this technology. A CHRISTMAS CAROL and THE POLAR EXPRESS both have used this motion capture technology. Real actors are suited in motion capture suits and cameras attached to their body along with sensors connected to their faces in the likes of dots. All these hardware will work in harmony and capture every movement of the actors and then is edited with the needed effects. Seth Green who plays Milo is not child, however this technology successfully enables an adult to do the acting and the editors do the rest. Pretty impressive and well done! It’s a very good decision made by director Simon Wells who returns to the directors’ seat after quite a long break.


There is not visible flaw in the voicing and the plot. Seth Green, Joan Cusak, Dan Fogler and Elisabeth Harnois put on a very good show. Dan Fogler and Elisabeth Harnois in fact keep the humor on a regular flow and maintain a balance on the whole sci-fi approach. Why this movie was not well accepted when it opened at the box office mostly can be measured with it heavy moments. As an animation the younger viewers may not ideally grasp the concept of the themes of awakening and relationships. I am unable to zero in on anymore contributors for the low demand. As the saying goes “You win some you lose some”


Title: Mars Needs Moms

Directed by: Simon Wells

Starring: Seth Green, Dan Fogler, Elisabeth Harnois and John Cusack

Rated: PG for sci-fi action and peril

Rating: 06/10

88 Minutes