All time classic and romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Rob Reiner and Bill Pullman filmed in Seattle WA 1993.

This movie is all about a man (Tom Hanks) and his son on their own after he loses his wife and buries himself in work to forget the pain and agony of her death, Jonah (Tom Hanks son) sets out to find a new wife for his lonely father by calling a radio psychologist and telling their story on the air. As days and weeks go by many letters from adoring women come in trying to land this lonely romantic man,  including Annie (Meg Ryan) who’s a Baltimore Newspaper Writer and currently engaged to Bill Pullman.

It certainly is a feel good movie, I loved that it was filmed in Seattle WA, and beings I live right across the Puget Sound from Seattle, I’ve been able to visit Pike Place Market and I’ve enjoyed a couple meals at the restaurant where Tom Hanks and Rob Reiner ate. Washington State is a wonderful place for movie locations, Seattle in particular because of the famous Pike Place Market,  Space Needle and the friendliness of our people.

This is defiantly a movie I would recommend, all the stars shined in this production!