Seems like I am in the mood for yet another wondrous night of chills, thrills and scares. All is set, and all I have to do now is allow the movie to unveil its goriest plot all over and scare the heaven out of me.. 

Score! The introductory scene at the hospital just turned my stomach inside out as the bloody infant was removed from the mothers’ womb! Jessica who was not blessed to see the light of the world passed on inside her mothers’ womb weeks before delivery. Kate Coleman (Vera Farmiga) since the loss of Jessica feels a void in her soul and needs for it to be filled. 

John(Peter Sarsgaard) and Kate along with their kids Daniel(Jimmy Bennett) and the little princess Max(Aryana Engineer) are quite a normal family up until Kate and John bring home Esther (Isabella Fuhrman) from an orphanage. Esther who is introduced as a Russian girl has been put in the orphanage since the tragic accidental fire that took the lives of her foster parents. An exceptionally polite and intelligent girl, she deeply appreciates the fact that she finally has a family and that she is being loved by John and Kate alike. In the most dignified of terms I will try to explain what I feel for what takes place next. “You do not drop your excrement where you eat”. I am sure you all have heard a more familiarized version to it. Well this is exactly what 9 year old Esther tries to do. Ungrateful as she turns out to be, she seems to suddenly have come out with an agenda of her own, this by the way is exactly how the movie has been intended to unfold.

 Isabella Fuhrman; where did they discover her from? This brilliant young star that is very fresh to the widescreen has just a handful of appearances on TV shows to her name. A wondrous discovery she is to Hollywood. She stands out like a drunk driver at the Grand Prix, and just is scary as hell. I have never been to hell but I am quite sure it’s full of little Esthers! Whoever has signed her up or whoever is her agent at this point of time has sure made some wise calls with the young actress, if she is diverse in her talent and is not limited to just this role in the ORPHAN , she may become one of the greats of tomorrow.

Absolutely a phenomenon of a movie, yet another innovative approach, of course there are similarities with the plot of a psychotic killer on a blood thirsty spree, however a different adaptation altogether when considering the murder factor. 


Title: Orphan 

Directed by: Jaume Collet-Serra 

Starring: Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Jimmy Bennett, Aryana Engineer and Isabelle Fuhrman 

Rated: Rated R for disturbing violent content, some sexuality and language

Rating: 07/10 

123 Minutes