Movie Film Review
Just One Of The Guys (1985)
By Aristen Carmichael

It’s a man’s world out there and aspiring journalist Terry Griffith (Joyce Hyser) is convinced there is a double standard at her high school when her journalism teacher (Kenneth Tigar) chooses not to submit her article for a chance to win a summer internship. Convinced that this was a sexist decision on his part and in no way related to her talents, Terry sets out to prove him wrong by changing schools and submitting her article as a guy.
What she finds amidst posing as a high school boy, getting sexually harassed and falling in love with her new bestfriend (who also believes Terry is short for Terrence), is that being a boy can be every bit as hard as being a girl.
Casting director Annette Benson’s choice for classic looking college age boyfriend to the typical class nerd compliments Lisa Gottlieb’s vision for this hilarious coming of age comedy which twists and turns through the awkwardness of teen rejection and self discovery.
Billy Jayne gives a hilarious performance as Buddy Griffith Terry’s horny 15 year old brother who has yet to experience the pleasures of sex and beauty bombshell Sherilyn Fenn makes her acting debut here as the girl who takes her top off to seduce the girl posing as just one of the guys.
The dynamic between Hyser and Jayne is especially good as well as supporting roles by Toni Hudson (Denise) and Clayton Rohner (Rick) who plays Terry’s new love interest. Filled with plenty of wild scenarios and quirky moments, Just One Of The Guys is a must see comedy.