Malaysian born James Wan is most respected by me for coming up with the whole idea for SAW along with Leigh Whanell. Regardless of this achievement, James Wan has not been in the movie scene with prominent presence. But still to be a name in this industry it takes a good number of years, after all Tom Cruise is yet to receive an Oscar. So James Wan has hope. INSIDIOUS; will this contribute to his career. Well firstly return on investment on the movie was over tenfold with comparison to its budget. So I guess he is doing good and his directorial is amazing and is guaranteed to turn your blood cold and send those shivers through you quite a many times. A very ingenious directorial and a fabulous and innovative story line, almost makes me want to use the word EPIC, however I will save it for a better movie. I watch at least 8 movies in a busy week and I have more movie titles in my movie library than a normal person should have and I have not missed out on many movies especially Horror since it’s my favorite of genres. I can confidently say I have never heard of a plot as is discussed in this movie. Unfortunately I am unable reveal any due to the respect of the spoilers.

Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai Lambert (Rose Byrne) are just settling in after a move and is getting used to their new house. Unpacking of boxes and looking after 3 kids is not an easy task for Renai since she gets quite little support from her husband as he is caught up with most of his work. A house by my opinion which is much bigger than what a normal family would need, they have got it. So as I was saying, settling in is a great challenge for especially when things seem to be moving around on its own. Quite inconvenient don’t you think? As a housewife all Renai does is look after the 3 kids during the day and when she does have some free time to unwind on the family piano playing and composing some tunes of her own. Everything was as boring as it could be for a housewife until the baby monitor picks up a whisper. Baby monitors pick up a lot of static; I can assure you this was no static. Yet, there was no one at the other end of the baby monitor either. What was that? What’s a prerequisite for a haunted house? Yes you’re right, an attic or a basement. Ladies and gentleman we have got an ATTIC! Dalton (Ty Simpkins) stumbles up this attic whilst playing and have an accident; he falls off the ladder trying to reach for the ceiling light. He must be quite weak kid since the next morning, he is in a COMA! Why am I not surprised the doctors are unable to diagnose what’s wrong with Dalton since he seems to be perfectly normal for a person who is in a COMA. #now are you thinking of watching the movie? #

You will never know how good this movie is and how scary it can get until you try it out. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne put up a great show, I think Rose Byrne is the reason for the movie to be successful she convinced me that having an attic or a basement is a bad idea. I am feeling very fortunate that real estate is ridiculously overpriced! I am glad I can’t afford a proper house!

For all your thrill seekers, who love to self-inflict fear and deliberately lose sleep over a movie and to who enjoys developing complexities and who thoroughly loves to live life the way it’s not supposed to be lived. Set some time aside, rent or download a decent copy, Blu- ray copies are out on the web, so be wise in your selections.

Respect the Genre; watch it the way it was intended to watch and you will be pale in the end!

Title: Insidious

Directed by: James Wan

Starring: Patrick Wilson & Rose Byrne

Rated: Rated PG-13 for thematic material, violence, terror and frightening images, and brief strong language 

Rating: 07/10

103 Minutes