Gulliver (Jack Black) has been working in the mailroom of a magazine company for a decade and finds himself contend in his career until the new mailroom guy gets a promotion as his boss on the first day. Gulliver runs into Darcy Silverman (Amanda Peet), whom he has had a long-time crush on and decides to declare his love. Unfortunately, he gets cold feet and volunteers to write a story for her travel section. With a little improvising to make the story sound good, Darcy is blown away and sends him on a mission to study the Bermuda Triangle for three weeks. With false joy, Gulliver sets voyage. While at sea, he enters into the triangle and wakes up tied down to surrounding miniature people who thinks of him as a threat and imprisons him. What will the small people do to him? Will Gulliver gain their trust? Will Gulliver step on them and find a way home? Will he ever go home?  



            I have always been a Jack Black fan: with his belly peek-a-boos, galloping dance moves, amateur rock star singing and air guitar strumming. This film was a joy to watch from beginning to end. I remember the story growing up and I believe this movie relives it well. My favorite part (this is in one of the trailers) is when the little girl dresses him up as a doll and makes him have tea with other stuffed animals. I thought it was adorable because-though difference in size and Gulliver’s fear-it looks like Gulliver is playing dollhouse with his daughter. I enjoyed the dialect from the small people of old fashion mixed with modern properness. This is a great movie for the family but not strong enough for just adults only; it can be for adults like me with a sometimes child-like sense of humor. All in all, I will see this film again.