I loved the movie “Bridesmaids” laughed my butt off. I thought Kristen Wiig did a great job! She was hilarious and made me laugh out loud. Maya was good too, but didn’t seem up at the same level as Kristen. Going in I thought this would be a female version of “hangover” but I was somewhat disappointed by the laughs only being worked in between the slow story line. I thought the story line between Kristen and the cop was adorable and so sweet, but in getting to the end point the journey was slow and long. I found myself routing for Kristen’s character to get away from the slug who referred to her as his “sex buddy” and was thrilled when she finally got the ovaries to dump him! The dynamics between Kristen’s character and the “other” best friend was funny and I did like how it ended up, but the whole story was slow. One of the funniest elements of the movie was also the bride’s sister (the butch gal of the bunch) and she reminded me of “fat Jesus” in “Hangover”. Loved her. Turned out to be the saving grace to the slower parts of the movie. The funniest scene in the movie was by far the wedding dress fitting and the food poisoning…that was hilarious. All the television ads were different than what made it into the movie though and I found that strange. But that scene was hilarious!! I can think back to that particular scene now and laugh out loud. Found myself wishing this movie had more scenes like that. I liked the sweetness of the story-line and I’m glad that Kristen’s character ended up happy, but got a little bored with how slow the journey was to get to it. Loved the movie, but would not go see it again in the theater, would wait for the DVD. Hope Kristen does more movies!