Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is a tiny guy from Brooklyn who wants nothing more than to serve his country, but is deemed unfit for duty do to his size. Steve refuses to give up and eventually his size is overlooked for his courage and he is chosen as the top candidate for the super soldier experiment. He survives the experiment and becomes a buff, super-powered solider who becomes America’s symbol in the fight against the Nazis, thus becoming Captain America. The captain joins his friend Bucky (Sebastian Stan) and group of handpicked men to fight the evil organization Hydra, a group bent on world domination. Led by their leader Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving), they split from the Nazis and attempt to harness the power of the gods.

Captain America did exactly what Thor did, it surprised me. They put these movies out so quick I really wondered if they would be any good, both movies seem to get a lot of backlash towards the stars of the film, Chris Hemsworth was not a real popular choice for Thor and he did pretty well for the most part, and Chris Evans was also a head-scratcher to a lot of people, but I thought he did a pretty great job of bringing this character to life. The acting isn’t anything spectacular, but each person brings something different to the table. Tommy Lee Jones’ character Colonel Phillips was what made it better for me, Jones was great; maybe the best part of the whole film surprisingly enough.

The movie has a tendency to make the Captain a little too over the top, like when they have him running as fast as speeding cars and jumping so far that he might as well be giving flying lessons, not that it should be believable or anything I just felt that his powers were little more exaggerated than they should be. This also became another film that fell in love with the idea of slow motion and uses it very frequently, which just drags out a couple of small fight scenes a little much. I feel they don’t develop many of the characters either. Characters like Bucky and his squad should have gotten a little more screen time, instead we settle for Dominic Cooper doing his best Robert Downey Jr impersonation, I just doubt that Howard Stark was basically an exact clone of Tony Stark, maybe he was and they did it perfect, but I’m just not buying it.

In the end it turned out to be another surprisingly good Avengers movie and concluded for the first time with a scene after the credits that was more than 5 seconds long and actually shows us a little something, but if you don’t wanna stick around through all those unnaturally long credits then I would completely understand. Captain America felt a little more familiar to me than Thor which is probably why I enjoyed it a little more, but honestly this was the first Avengers related flick with a legitimate bad guy, and the Red Skull was a much better villain than everyone of his predecessors. Good movie, definitely worth checking out.