Halloween II (2009) is a horror movie and sequel to Halloween (2007). Some of its stars include Brad Dourif as Sheriff Lee Brackett, Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie Strode, Danielle Harris as Annie Brackett, Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Samuel Loomis, and Tyler Mane as Michael Myers. This film was written and directed by Rob Zombie.

The story picks up right where its predecessor left off. Laurie Strode, apparently having killed serial killer Michael Myers, is found wondering aimlessly through the streets of Haddonfield by Sheriff Lee Brackett, who then takes her to the hospital. After she wakes up from surgery, she soon discovers that Michael has escaped the coroner and followed her there. Laurie tries desperately to elude him but he corners her in a security booth. But, just as Michael is about to finish her, she wakes up. It’s been two years since she saw him. She now lives with the Bracketts. However, she is still severely traumatized and sees a shrink regularly. Laurie believes Michael to be dead but, in reality, he is very much alive and living in an old shed just outside of town. His former shrink, Dr. Samuel Loomis, believes him to be deceased as well. He has since cashed in on the encounter with Michael and written a successful novel, pushing aside the concerns of the victims, including Laurie herself. As Laurie begins to learn more about her troubled past, Michael is planning another reunion with his baby sister.

What separates this Halloween movie from its predecessor is that it is totally original. It is not a remake. This is all the original work of writer/director Rob Zombie. This is the direction he wanted to take the story in. Now, many traditional fans of the Halloween series don’t have a favorable opinion of this movie because it is not your typical Michael Myers slasher flick. This means that Michael is not just out killing people randomly without any real purpose in pursuit of his younger sister. In this film, he sees a vision of his long-deceased mother who tells him to find Angel (Laurie) and bring her “home” so they all can be reunited once more. That’s his purpose.

There is also something else related to the vision of Deborah Myers that caught my attention. One would expect it to appear to the troubled Laurie Strode, but to appear to Michael himself, the primary antagonist in the film, was completely unanticipated. Most people agree that he is considered crazy because of his brutal and senseless murders. Not many would believe he’s out of his mind because he sees thinks that aren’t really there. That was another part of Rob Zombie’s originality that I believe is quite remarkable, especially since it may seem quite out of place in a movie like this one.

Another feature I found fascinating was Laurie’s journey into madness. Just based on her physical appearance, one can tell that the events of two years ago have taken a toll on her. Before she met Michael, Laurie appeared to be this sassy, goody-two-shoes girl. But now, she has become more of an outcast type and has alienated herself from those she once held close, like her friend Annie. She is addicted to prescription drugs and often drinks her troubles away instead of facing them head-on. Finding out who she really was drove her further to the edge and caused her to drink even more, especially after her shrink had refused to prescribe more medications for her after a dream she had. Soon, Laurie begins to be haunted by the same ghostly vision of her deceased mother that Michael sees. This brings her to the brink of total insanity.

To wrap, Halloween II (2009) is not just your typical Michael Myers slasher film. It has style and originality. If that’s what you are interested in, you will enjoy this movie!