Upon seeing Captain America, I was thoroughly satisfied. This  movie, while not the best superhero movie, did not disappoint in any way. Many people have complained that the plot was slow and sluggish, however I believe that it may have been somewhat necessary to have the plot evolve in this way. A true Captain America origin story would not logically start out with fists swinging and shield spinning. So while the beginning was a tad sluggish it was completely withing the realm of what a perfect First Avenger movie should be. With any origin story movie, the point is to see the character transition into their super human self, and this was done almost perfectly with Captain America. When  injected with the super soldier serum, one truly felt the transformation from the former Steve Rogers into Captain America.  This movie will be a win for many Cap fans, as well as those who are in it solely to see some Nazi killing action. The greatest part of this movie, in my opinion, was the scene after the credits. I will not go into it any further at this time, however I will say that it is a must see, and well worth the wait, hell, even worth the money you paid to see Captain America just to see the end credit scene. So dont wait, Captain America is a must see summer movie.