My summer of the superhero kicked off this week with the god of Thunder Thor. I was a little skeptical they could pull it off with Thor not being a well know character. I have to say they pulled it off very well. This action adventure drama starring Chris Hems worth ( Thor), Natalie Portman( Jane foster)  the always entertaining Sir Anthony Hopkins as( Odin king of Asgard) and Kat Dennings ( Darcy  Lewis )  for just the right  amount of comic  relief . Thor runs for 114 minutes and is directed by Kenneth Branagh.

The story line surrounds Thor and his arrogance and recklessness by disobeying his father Odin. Thor decides to confront the frost Giants after they attack the castle while Thor’s coronation is talking place.  In doing do Thor reignite’s  an accent war among the frost giants from before he was born. In doing so Odin takes away Thor powers and banishes him to earth so he can learn the true meaning of leadership.     

I enjoyed the story line around this film, because he is not a real well known superhero unless you are a comic book geek.They didn’t take the whole idea very seriously to the point of overdoing it. The acting was very well done. I was glad to see they brought in some talented actors to help build the story around. They added just the right amount of humor to the story about Thor and his quest to learn on earth what he needs to ascend  to the throne of Asgard.Thor goes onto a local  dinner  has  breakfast with  Jane  and drinks a  cup of coffee and say’s I like this  drink I want more and  smashes it  like the a Viking. Thor walks into a pet store and demands a horse to go in search of his hammer, and the store keeper looks up with a look like how much have you had to drink. I thought the scenery of New Mexico was great choice because that where they found Thor’s hammer in the end of ironman 2 .The design and special effects of Asgard was amazing. Anthony Hopkins looked very comfortable in his role as the King of Asgard. 

The biggest thing that stood out was how they built Asgard. That was amazing scenery how they built the world of Asgard, the city bridge going to earth and the 9 realms. Tom Hiddleston added just the right touch of evil as Loki. He didn’t take his role to serious to the point it might have been considered over acting.  The one thing I   noticed was the only tie into the avengers in 2012 was Erick Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) made a reference to a scientist he worked with who was studying the effects of gamma radiation.  I was kind of hoping for an appearance of one of the other avengers. They seemed to realize what they had to do bring the mythological god of thunder to the big screen. They accomplished it   very well with the cast, scenery and the script.  I think Kenneth Brangh did a commendable job   pulling this story together and giving the movie going public a very enjoyable 114 minutes.

I definitely give it   3 stars.