The wolf pack heads to the far east Bangkok, Thailand for more mayhem in this comedy block buster sequel directed by Todd Phillips. This Bangkok party runs 2hours and stars Bradley Copper, Ed Helms, Zach  Galifianakis, and Justin Bertha. The second bachelor party starts out on beach having a toast to stu (Ed Helms) for his wedding. The guys wake up the following morning in a seedy motel(let’s just  say it’s not anything you will find on Travelocity)with everyone’s favorite gangster mr. chow(Ken Jeong) past out under a blanket.Stu’s face tattooed, Alan’s (Zach  Galifianakis) shaved head and stu’s future brother in law is missing somewhere in the city of Bangkok. Before chow can tell them what happened he blacks out from doing a blast of cocaine. They think he is dead so they decide to hide him in an ice machine so they don’t get blamed for his murder, while they hit the streets to figure out what happen to them this time. They eventually find out that their night of drunken mayhem was caused by alan. He didn’t want Teddy stu’s future brother in law hanging out with the wolf pack.He drugged a bag of marshmallows  they had on the beach  with his adh medicine  and some muscle relaxers for teddy to eat but it back fired they ended up eating  all them. The guys started a riot in town, burned down some stores, and kidnapped a monk after climbing a wall of a monastery, getting shot at by some of chow’s business associates along the way. While sorting out some clues they come across the strip club they were at. The found the stripper they meet, she tells them of their night and how sweet stu was when they went for private dance. Let’s just say stu got more than he bargained for. When they leave the club they have a run in with one of chow’s associates and phil (Bradley Copper) takes a bullet.   The boys end up in a clinic to get phil patched up and it only costs 3 dollars and took a few minutes. If this happens here we would have to pay few hundred dollars spend a few hours in the Emergency room if we are lucky. I want to know how Doug manages to stay out of all the trouble the guys seem to get into together.   The one thing that stood out for me was the beautiful scenery of Thailand. However, based on what I saw of Bangkok, I don’t think I’ll be putting Bangkok on my list of places to visit any time soon. All in all it was good film great cast funny / safe script. I give the wolf pack trip to the Bangkok Thailand 3 stars.