I have to say all of the hype and advertising for this film was not just hype without substance. This well done sports drama is directed by David O. Russell (three kings, I heart the huckabees). There is plenty of substance to go around staring Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Melissa Leo, and Amy Adams.    The well done film  is based on the life and times of junior welterweight Irish boxer Mickey ward and his brother dickey   a has been  fighter in his own right who had one claim to fame supposedly knocking down sugar ray Lenard. Mickey is part time boxer from the small town of Lowell Massachusetts trying to make it big  is managed by his chain smoking mother Alice Ward played by Golden globe winner (Melissa Leo) Mickey’s biggest problem is that he hasn’t be able to put aside his feeling for his family for what’s best for his career as a fighter. His crack smoking Brother Dickey and his mom seem try to take control his career. As a way to make up for the screw up they had with dickey’s life and career. The performances from mark Walberg, Golden globe nomatied actor’s Christian Bale and Melissa Leo have live up to the hype for their  Golden globe  nominations for acting and film awards. To make things more interesting for momma Mickey takes up with beautiful bartender   Charlene Fleming played by Amy Adams. She tries to convince Mickey to take an offer to train ft and get paid   in Vegas.  The family becomes very over protective of their little meal ticket and tries and bullies the family outsider. It made for a good scene on the porch of her house  The back drop of the town was home run it was a perfect setting a back drop for the story of a regular guy trying to make it big in the boxing world. The biggest part of the acting for me is Mr. Christian bale. He has never to shy away from the type of roles that seem stretch him as an actor. He took to his role as crake addicted ex boxer perfectly. He gets thrown in jail in one part of the film and has to dry out from all of the drugs… just a wow scene. I really think this movie deserves all of the press it’s getting   for an Oscar. The screen play, cast, setting of film is a tremendous film. It is winner and a must see. I give it 5 stars.