The 2010 film Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is exactly what I want out a documentary. It takes a stance on a problem, provides solutions, proof, and inspiration.

The film begins with Joe Cross, our writer/director/star of the documentary. He is an overweight Austrailian looking for a way to change the path of his life and to lose some weight. He consults with his doctor and goes on a 60 day juice only cleanse regimen with stunning results. Through his journey we see his temptation, and ultimately his increased energy, attitude and stamina. The thing that’s so refreshing about Joe is he doesn’t come off as preachy or in anyone’s face about having to make a change. What he does is ask simple questions and provide people with the information they need in order to make a change in their life.

One particular impression he left was on Kurt a man weighing in over 400lbs when this documentary started. The second half of the film centers on Kurt and what I like about this is it doesn’t just show one person. Many things can be completed by just one guy, but to show how this regimen works for a few different people really adds to the validity of the claims made in the film. The simple facts are, the majority of Americans eat way too many processed foods and by drinking this juice mix during a 10 day reboot, your body will cleanse itself of many of the toxins and kickstart you towards a healthier weight and lifestyle.

Weight loss is something that I’ve not really been considering as much as just working out. For those of you who don’t know, my goal for next year instead of this movie journey is a health related one where I will be working out five days and week for the entire year. This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while as I find my energy levels have dropped considerably. For anyone that really wants to drop a few pounds, check out this film as it really is something that could be life changing. It’s a terrific documentary and I hope people will give it a look. Also, for those interested in joining the cleanse reboot, the website is