I attend the opening weekend release of Red based on the  3 comic book series by homage comics written by warren Ellis. The movie stars Bruce Willis a retired CIA agent Frank Moses. The team includes Joe Matheson (Morgan Freeman), Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich), Victoria (Helen Mirren) and Ivan (Brian Cox). It’s directed by Robert Schwentke and runs 111 minutes.

 Bruce wills looks at home in this action comedy plays a retired CIA black ops agent (know as RED retired extremely dangerous). He is bored with his hum drum retired life, regularly rips up his monthly checks just so he can call the cia pension office just to talk with the person in charge of his plan Sarah Ross( Mary- Louis parker). He is set up for assignation from the higher ups in the CIA for what he knows about and old job assignment he and his crew of ARRP assassin’s were involved in back in the 80’s. I thought the CIA was supposed to be the good guys what gives here. He is hunted down by the CIA agent William cooper (Karl urban) who is assigned by the higher ups to hunt down Bruce Willis and his pals. They come across   a conspiracy theory involving the vice president of the United States, and Alexander Dunning (Richard Dreyfuss) who pulled of the villain role very well as nasty arms dealer).            

Throughout the movie Bruce Willis and his band of aarp hit men travels across county to put clues together to find out why they want them dead. It a very well written movie and the cast looks like they are having a lot of fun just acting like kids shootouts, butt kicking all that  fun spy stuff.  They do a very good job with the traveling scenes they don’t keep it confined to one area. They travel across country and utilize various locations to add to the fun of the movie. I especially love john malkovich’s as Marvin Boggs a crazy as a fox agent. John steals some scenes in the move that are just too funny to describe here. I like how they use post cards on the screen to tell the audience where they are heading.

I thought it was a fun movie, good casting, and good story line. The best thing you can take from it is a fun 111 minutes, well worth your time and 2hrs out of your day. Plus age is just a number if you want having fun.  I give it 3 stars.