Lead Star: Jim Carrey 

Directed by Mark Waters

Produced by John Davis  

Who wouldn’t think that a penguin’s can capture the heart of Mr. Poppers? Mr. Popper’s Penguins movie, lead star (Jim Carrey) is a live-action comedy film. The story based on Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater. The film was originally slated for a release on August 12, 2011, but was moved up to June 17, 2011 

Tom Popper (Jim Carrey) is a realtor with 2 kids, but a divorced father. He is given the task of buying an old restaurant called the Tavern on the Green, in which he used to dine in with his father as a child. The elderly owner (Angela Lansbury) refuses to sell, unless someone who is worthy and knows the true value of the property. His father traveled all around the countries and they communicate each other through a radio device. 

One day a crate containing a Gentoo Penguin delivered in his doorstep with a letter from his father. Tom was shocked when he saw the penguin alive and he did not know where to keep it safe. He wanted to return back the penguins, but due to miscommunication, more penguins delivered to him. Six penguins that changed his outlook in life, when his kids fall in love the Penguins. His relationship with his kids and ex-wife rekindle, when he decides to love and keep the penguins. When the penguins lay three eggs, 2 hatches and the 1 does not. He became obsessed of saving the last egg, until he got fired in his job. Tom realized that he is not capable of raising the penguins, when he lost hope to save the last egg. He decided to donate all the penguins in the zoo and move on to get back his career, but his family is disappointed with his decision. 

Suddenly, he found a lost letter from his father its say’s “HOLD HIS CHILREN CLOSE AND LOVE HIM”. Then, he felt guilty over his decision and determines to get back the penguins in the zoo. Popper’s rescues the penguins and along with his family, when Angela saw them, the owner of Tavern on the Green agrees to sell him the restaurant. Popper renovates the restaurant and reopens it. They spend their vacation to travel in the South Pole with the penguins. 

My Critic 

The team up of Jim Carrey with the penguins can enthrall your senses. It’s a funny movie that all genres can watch specially kids and family. Although, it’s a twist in a children’s story book, but the output of the movie is very nice. It’s relaxing and captivating funny movie. 

As I watched in the theater with my friend, I did a boisterous laughing with the action, facial expression of Jim carry and the event on how the Penguins simple acts that cause disaster in his belongings is unimaginable. Would you think that can you really train penguins as your pet at home? Well watch out for that on how Jim Carrey does it! 

Discover how Captain (a penguin) captures the heart of Mr. Poppers and how he learns to love the simple gift of his father. Learning to show love and care for the animals can help rekindle your relationship if you give a chance to prove yourself…..It’s amazing!