Ever loved your spouse so much you would have an affair with them just to keep them interested, and without their knowledge? That’s exactly what Jennifer Love Hewitt did in the The Truth About Love, a film directed by John Hay. This movie also stars Dougray Scott and Jimi Mistry.

Alice (Hewitt) receives a Valentine in the mail and thanks her husband, Sam (Mistry) just to find out it’s not from him. When she asked if he received hers, he said it was sexy. This confused Alice as her card was anything but sexy. Alice’s sister is trying to tell her that Sam is cheating on her. Alice refuses to believe it and will do anything to prove that her husband is faithful. She eventually fears that her sister is right and tries to save her marriage. She buys a cell phone and sends messages to her husband and asks him to meet her somewhere. When he arrives, he has to put on a blind fold so that he can’t see that it’s his wife he is with. Meanwhile, Sam’s bestfriend, Archie (Scott) is in love with Alice and thinks that Alice is cheating on Sam and is disappointed that it’s not him she is cheating with.  When the truth comes out about Sam’s affair and Alice meets the other woman, she must decide if she is going to forgive him and take him back or chose Archie.

The movie resembles so much of real life. Everyday people are having affairs and their spouces must decide to forgive or get out. The idea that Alice loves her husband so much and is willing to do anything to keep him from straying is what so many woman go through today. And just like people do in real life, Sam lied about having to work late or having working lunches just so he could meet up with his mistress.

I am a huge fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt, but I think the director could have chosen someone else to play Alice. Hewitt’s accent in the movie and her voice do not go with her face and is not pleasing to listen to. She almost sounds like a man.  She was much better in The Client List.

This movie is rated R but I think it could get away with being PG-13. It’s not really bad enough to be R. The sex scene doesn’t show anything but their hands and faces.

The only good thing about this hour and a half movie is that is goes pretty quickly. It is boring and i would not recomend it to anyone. I took a chance because it sounded interesting and I really like Jennifer Love Hewitt, but this was not her best movie. Overall I think this movie was a waste of time.