It’s almost quite obvious that Cameron Diaz is hitting 40. An actress who had me at the word go since I was a young l lad in the ever so famous “The Mask” to me was always sssmmoking! Sadly I have to come with terms that the once super-hot Hollywood princess is showing faint signs of aging in her new release ”Bad Teacher”. This is my first reaction when I saw her, however let me not discourage you readers; she still has it in her! She has it a lot! Some may even love her like this! With her 10/10 screen presence and also with the mixture of her diverse talent and bad girl attitude justice is rightly served to Elizabeth Halsey. Alongside her, Jason Segal (I just love his talent) & John Micheal Higgins were the show stealers in this fast paced summer comedy release. The 2 boys bring it up a notch from the average, and keep on trying to bring laughter at us and deliver at every possible time. Justin Timberlake on the other hand, tries something new (he has never done a role in this degree), where he has to underplay a lot of the times, in fact the script is as such that he has to always underplay a lot and maybe this gets to him a bit, and I personally felt this is a directorial flaw rather than Justin’s. Phyllis Smith was a sweetheart and a lady with a lot of talent; I sincerely hope she gets explored more in the future as I feel there is a lot of bottled up talent within her. Lucy Punch, I loved to hate her and so will you. A healthy and wise blend in talent within the cast.

Director Jake Kasdan; considerably a newbie in my terms to my mental hard drive on movie trivia fairs averagely. I am going to and fro and trying to find the reason why the movie didn’t take off as expected with such a noteworthy cast, Also to mention “Orange County” by director Jake Kasdan was wildly entertaining. On a personal level I feel it’s the writers that should take the hit, however on a professional approach I feel it should be evenly laid across as a directorial and writing drawback. I am certain when Columbia Pictures picked up this script they saw massive potential and I am also sure there has been many re writes on several levels since it was picked up on a pre- production stage. Furthermore I am certain at the point the script was read it did sound more hilarious than it is post production. For a comedy Rated R there is always high expectations from the audience. I am no high rolling million dollars’ worth producer, however I am serious lover of the art of entertainment and sometimes one should always think that we the viewers are the reason they the producers are in business!

Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) a stunningly good looking teacher who loves the green bills is dumped by her ever so rich fiancé. Having to come back to school to actually WORK for her bread is not something Elizabeth is comfortable with. Work becomes more fun when she runs into the new sub Scott Delacortte (Justin Timberlake) who has no shortage with his supply of green dollar bills. Trying to get back her lost rich life, Elizabeth tries to win Scott over by trying to show him that she too can have a big heart just like his ex! Her efforts to get her new hearts pushes her over the edge from being a below average teacher to a “Bad Teacher”

Well for formalities sake; should one watch it? It has some special treats to the eyes, specially to the men, but errrhhh ??

Title: Bad Teacher

Directed by: Jake Kasdan

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Jason Segal, Justin Timberlake, Lucy Punch, Phyllis Smith & John Micheal Higgins

Rated: R For sexual content, nudity, language and some drug use

Rating: 05/10