When Joel Barish,(Jim Carrey) tries to contact his girlfriend of two years, Clementine Kruczynski,(KateWinslet) he is shocked to find her at her workplace with another man, and no apparent recollection of Joel. In his desperate search for an explanation, Joel discovers that Clementine had him erased from her memory. Lost and hurt, the only option Joel seems to have is to erase Clementine in return.  The possibilities are endless in this 2004 mind-bender, as we follow Joel fighting to hold onto what memories he has of Clementine before she is gone forever. Director, Michel Gondry gives us an extrodinary visually pleasing expierience and easily one of the Top 10 films of the decade.

   Seemingly lonely and a hopeless romantic, Joel’s ordinary mundane world is quickly interrupted by the presence of Clementine. After meeting at a party, Joel discovers that this loud, free-spirited girl, just might show him the excitement in life that he is looking for. Falling for each other quickly it seemed as if nothing could come between these two. As blissfull as the they seem, their clashing personalities eventually took a toll on the two. When thing go for the worst,  Clementine’s impulsive nature enclines her to have Joel erased, and he is left with nothing. Nothing, but a desperate hold on the memories he has of their once happy lives.

   Michel Gondry seemed to know exactly what he wanted when filming, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Each scene was a puzzle piece that fit in perfectly to take a well written story and turn it into a work of art. One impressive aspect of this film was the lighting. It gave the film a very simplistic feel while keeping it asthetically pleasing. Also, Gondry has proven to have a very keen sense of detail. From small changes in the background, to voice distortion all aspects of this film came together to make a visual masterpiece that any film buff can appreciate.

  Aside from a brilliant directing approach, there could not have been a better choice of cast. Jim and Kate are able to deliver a performance that convinces you that these two really have been in love for the past two years. The characters are so deep that they can be indentified with by virtually everyone. From their relationship woes, to the naive desire for attention, both Joel and Clementine expirience the most real and raw of human emotion.

   In the end I have never seen a movie with a more perfect balance. The story doesn’t exceed the directing style, which doesn’t exceed the acting performance and so on. A must see for anyone appreciative of the finer details. Pay close attention and you are bound to notice something you didn’t notice before.