This is one of those movies that seem to slip through the cracks, for me, and many others.  It got great reviews, but yet you never hear of anyone who actually went out and saw it.  A few months back, I mistakenly chose Battle: LA instead of this movie.  Long paragraph short, I should have seen this movie when it hit theaters, along with the rest of you!

This movie gets right to the point.  I quickly lose interest, and have been known to turn off a movie 10 minutes in, if it doesn’t do something for me right away.  I’m not ‘judging a book by its cover’, because I at least cracked it open.  If the movie doesn’t do something for me right away, I already know it isn’t going to be a movie that interests me.  Take, for example, this review.  I have already typed two paragraphs of nonsense that has nothing to do with the movie Limitless, and you are still reading.  Why?  I know I still wouldn’t be.  That is usually how I initially judge a movie.  Now on with it.

Limitless has a perfect mix of good acting, a good plot line, and the ability to keep the viewers interest the entire movie.  The only reason I gave it 3.5 stars, instead of 5, is because the ending was kind of abrupt.  There was such a huge buildup and then Bam! The movie is over.  Wait, is it one of those trick birthday candle movies where a long pause and black screen only tricks your mind into thinking it is over?  No.  Credits roll.  Well…”that was a bada$$ movie but what kind of an ending was that” was one of those.  The ending to a movie is so crucial that I do not understand how terrible some of them are.  We watch, and sit through, movies to see a final goal, or an end point.  We want to go home with a complete story in our brains to contemplate when we lay in bed that night thinking about jumping in a car and driving 130 down the freeway, robbing a bank, or kicking the $hit out of the anyone who gets in your way.

Although the ending was bad, this movie does keep you thinking, Bradley Cooper did an incredible job, the story itself was never before done, and I recommend everyone to see it.