Personnally one of my favourite adaptations the watchmen brings us a view of fear war and persecution and the human condition within the back drop of the 1980’s costumed heroes are being forced into retirement.. enter Rorschach a sociopath with idea’s of a conspiracy that involves killing masked heroes only to discover it runs much deeper.

I think director Zack Snyder caught the right mood and details the graphic novel was aiming for, a talent he possesses which you can see in his other tittles(300 and sucker punch) I read the novel and the characters were depicted very accuratly, a great yet disturbing performance from Geoffrey Dean Morgan as the comedian gave the film it’s darkest edge’s showing all angles of human personallity.

The aspect of nuclear war is apparent through out, as off putting a subject it is only made worse by Dr Manhattan’s (Billy Cudup) loss of faith in human kind. the back stories on each character are very precise and believable, I couldn’t stop watching this film and even bought the DVD as I enjoyed it so much another triumph from the D.C comics franchise.