When two worlds are destroyed, two life forms are shipped to Earth, Metro Man (Brad Pitt) and Megamind (Will Ferrell). Growing up, Metro Man was always the most popular and talented because of his winning charm and super powers. On the other hand, the more Megamind tries to fit in and impress his peers, the more he destroys things. Hence, the beginning of a super villain is born. For years Megamind and Metro Man have encountered many battles with each other, Megamind always at Metro Man’s demise. Until one day, he wins. What will happen to the city of Metropolis? Did Megamind really defeat Metro Man?  

Review:            First off, I say bravo to changing up the scene of not having the whole film focus on the super hero. I enjoyed the fact that this film made me want the villain to be the hero. As far as comedy, there was minimal. I probably cracked a smile during Hal’s (Jonah Hill) lines, who is news reporter Roxanne Ritchi’s (Tina Fey) camera man. Roxanne plays the clever damsel in distress that’s always one step ahead of her capturer, Megamind. The animation was great; whenever the wind blew, ever strand on Roxanne’s head blew with it. The only downsize to this film is that I felt Will Ferrell was trying too hard to make Megamind funny. I know kids are in to the falling down, the being hit in the head, and the loud expressive talking, but it gets old. All in all, I like this film and will see it again.