Harry potter and the order of the phoenix is the fifth in the movie series of the original novel written by J.K Rowling. Let me remind that the book was the biggest among all the books and movie is shortened among the rest of the movies. Of course the last part is the shortest. We can consider that it is the second smallest in the series. So warner bros and debutant director David yates team up with the rest to make the movie.

Order of the Phoenix has no continuity with the previous. Harry’s haircut is different and his friends are looking same. He has grown up and now since he is in fifth year, he is starting to get matured and he gets encountered with dementors. Now he is being expelled from hogwarts school , dumbledore comes in time and saves harry of the charges. But looks like he has no interest to speak with harry. So harry and his friends reunite again in the school. But things have changed much far worse. Dolores Umbridge appointed from the ministry gives a premonition that hogwarts is being guarded by ministry and rules may change. But rules are far more worst. Now harry is forced to create a team to fight against the bad. Meanwhile harry has some worst visions and deep connection with Voldemort, thereby he loses the one he loved the most.

Narration is alright in the movie. For people who did not read the book, they can understand parts of the movie definitely well. But for the book readers, I may put a thumb down. The main reason is that movie is trimmed to much extent and major parts of the book is cut. So its break even.

Character development in the movie is just for harry potter. Harry starts learning things and starts getting connections with voldemort and this dark connection is the real development in harry’s character. He turns suddenly evil and sometimes he acts wild. Others in the movie are just the same. Luna Lovegood is a new character introduced in the movie for a specific purpose. She and harry has a common connection in beginning of the movie. Dolores Umbridge character in the movie is much to the fullest extent as the pink dressed woman changes things at Hogwarts. But one thing that we really miss is the chemistry between harry and dumbledore. They are seen just in few scenes.

Performances are top notch by the regular casts. Harry trying to prove himself he can be the real leader. Daniel radcliffe did his perfect job. Dolores Umbridge performed by Imelda Staunton is awesometacular. Her scenes in the movie and also her scenes with harry potter has changed the tempo of the movie. We need not worry about dumbledore. Micheal Gambon appears in four to five scenes and he is perfect as usual. Emma watson and Rupert grint are improving their chemistry. Ralph fiennes comes at the later part of the movie and he is as usual in his role.

Dialogues in the movie are certainly much darker. The scenes where harry trains his friends and some inspirational quotes are worth appreciating. Rupert grint’s dialogues are worthy to mention.

Technically movie is brilliant. The music is cool and during the battle scenes score is very powerful. Emotional tone is missing in the movie. Editing is worth appreciable. Cinematography and camera work is superb. CGi effects are stunning and stellar. 3D effects are very visual.

Bottom line: Order of the phoenix is shortest, smartly acted, technically stellar movie. I give the movie  A