Who says that one has to wait until that person finishes school to start fulfilling their life-long dream? Charles (Riley Griffiths) doesn’t when he starts casting and working on a film to submit to a film festival contest. In the small town of Ohio, Joe Lamb, (Joel Courtney)-the make-up guy, Carey (Ryan Lee)-the explosive stunt junkie, Preston (Zach Mills)-an extra, and Alice Dainard (Elle Fanning)-the leading lady; all go on location to the town’s train station to snag a scene while the train passes by. While shooting, an unexpected event occurs that causes a big commotion. When the U.S. Army comes to town, Deputy Jackson Lamb (Kyle Chandler) must investigate why they are there and what caused the train accident. What was on the train? Is the government involved? Will Charles finish his movie in time for the festival deadline? 


            Well, from looking at the preview, I was not interested in watching it because the trailers never gave me enough information to have the urge to view it. The advertisements behind it got me with all of their “we don’t want to give away the surprise, so you will have to watch what unfolds,” (not an accrual quote). I have to say (and will probably be alone in this) but this movie was terrible. I mean, with a great collaboration of Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams, I thought the movie would blow me away; it didn’t. There wasn’t any originality; just the same old “something different and scary is in town, what will the town’s folk do?”There were moments of comedy because of course there are children in it and they have their funny phrases. The acting was okay but the story board and scene pay nearly put me to sleep. I so expected more; all in all, I will never view this film again.