Black Water stars Diane Glenn who most will remember her from Neighbours as Shannon Jones,Maeve Dermody,Andy Rodoreda and Ben Oxenbould.Black Water has two directors who have won two awards for Best Directors  and best Cinematography with Black Water,at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival,they are David Nerlich and Andrew Traucki.

Black Water is based on real life events following couple Adam and Grace and her younger sister Lee ,who while on holiday decide to visist a fishing tour ,where they meet guide Jim.Befor long the group decide to move into a mangrove swamp and are attacked by an unknown animal which flips their boat and hurls them into the water.The petrified threesome take shelter up the nearest tree and realise there is a killer croc in the swamp.After waiting for what seems hours and hours the group realise there is nobody out there coming to help,or that noone even knows the boat has gone out ,deciding the croc has gone they must now make a move for the floating upside down boat which they came in on.But soon realise the croc has not gone anywhere and makes his move on the victims.Scared,hungry and tired the group take flight up the tree and must decide on what to do in order to survive the croc.

In all honesty most people would feel that once you have seen one killer croc film,you’ve seen them all.This is not the case here because what struck me most with this is the fact you really are thrown the question,’what would you do in this situation?’The reactions and moves of the group are totally believable and you do actually really feel for the group.Not like in most of these films where you want to see the people getting eaten.The acting was polished to the core and really keeps the viewer guessing what the next moves will be.The script was another bonus in this film aswell as there are no silly cheesy lines thrown at you.

The other factors which come into play with this film being so fresh,are the mixture of real life crocs  footage mixed with cgi crocs.I never noticed the difference and was trying to spot the graphics coming into play.Another film to have done this is Jaws,where it worked perfectly.Direction from Nerlich and Traucki creates a world of complete isolation and fear as they do no more than plunging you into the groups situation and really get you guessing for a next move.The croc was used very well,again not the cheesy hollywood tearing up cities style,but the true nature of a  croc,where they stay hidden and leap high into the air to catch prey.The location was astonishing,with the high water and the thick trees giving you that cut off from the world feeling.

In my overall opinion of this film,i would say with this being based on a true story and the with the use of credible actors,this really is a must see.If you wanto be terrified and made to guess your way out thier situation then check this out.I can easily see why this won the award for best direction,with its no holds barred story and clever mix of real and cgi croc footage,you’ll be made to think again about going fishing in a mangrove swamp.If you just so happen to be near one of course,