Title: Ca$h

Studio/Distributor: Roadside Attractions

Genre(s): Comedy, Mystery/Crime, Suspense, Thriller

Cast: Sean Bean, Chris Hemsworth, Victoria Profeta, Mike Starr, Michael Mantell, Glenn Plummer, Antony Thekkek, Paul Sanchez, Peggy Roeder, Larry Neumann Jr., Mindy Bell, Christian Stolte, Robert C. Goodwin, Bruce Potts, Jacqueline Williams

Director: Stephen Millburn Anderson

Writer: Stephen Millburn Anderson

Synopsis: A sinister & mysterious career criminal forces a Chicago married couple to commit a series of robberies after the money that the criminal’s twin brother stole falls on the husband’s car and is eventually spent by the couple.

Bottom Line: Here’s an interesting premise: A career criminal from the UK named Pyke Kubic flies down to America to see his identical twin brother in prison. The jailed brother asks his freed brother to track down an attache case containing stolen money that got him in jail in the first place along with killing a cop. That case gets thrown out of the getaway car and lands on the station wagon of a ordinary Joe named Sam Phelan, who’s down on his luck. What does that ordinary Joe do? He and his wife Leslie spend it, starting with paying the bank for their house and everything else.  Then the brother finds the couple who now have a great run of good luck which turns real deadly real fast when the couple is asked by the criminal to rob some of the money that they spent, turning them into armed robbers.

Sounds like a good premise but the end result is only sub-par. It comes and go and it only ends with a whimpering bang, not a whimper or a bang. Anderson, who wrote and directed “South Central”, the powerful 1992 rival to 1991’s equally powerful “Boyz N The Hood”, wasn’t exactly on his A-game as he was with “South Central”. Instead, he gives us a strange hodgepodge of a caper flick, a morality tale and bank robbery movie but it’s simply touch-and-go with this one. You don’t know whether or not you should laugh at the classified comedic moments (there’s only one part in the movie involving Kubic and a character named Glenn the Plumber, played by popular character actor Glenn Plummer, that’s simply hilarious) or who you should be rooting for: Kubic or Sam & Leslie. The fact that Chris Hemsworth (in his third US post-Star Trek, pre-Thor film role) is a likeable everyman hero and that Sean Bean makes for a decent villain (as with all his other bad guy roles that he played in-between playing a good guy) keeps this movie watchable at times but the film as a whole is simply required 1-time viewing, meaning see it once and move on. “Ca$h” is not exactly close to what it was supposed to be: a fun crime movie.