This movie is the story of how X-Men was formed. It starts off with twelve year old Xavier (Professor X) meets Raven (Mystique) and the forming of their friendship growing up. Then the story turns to Young Erik (Magneto) and a tragedy moment creates internal hatred that later create Magneto. Years later, Xavier graduates as a professor and Erik is on a vengeful quest. A mutant villain named, Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), has an evil plan to make nations start a war against one another. The CIA discovers mutants and recruits Xavier, Raven and Erik. Xavier and Erik set out to recruit other mutants to later form X-Men. In the end, Erik and Xavier has different views on mutant vs. humans and they go their separate ways, which is known in previous X-Men movies. What happened to Sebastian? Will raven join Xavier to not fight the humans?



                I really, really enjoyed this film. I liked that Matthew Vaughn (director) didn’t skip anything when explaining how Charles, Erik and the other characters met. I also like how he explains everyone’s individual story and makes the connection to one another. I read reviews before watching and critics said it was better than the other X-Men movies and I completely agree. The other movies I also enjoyed but this one brought about something different than the others along with originality that I haven’t seen in other movies. All in all, I will definitely view this film again and again.