X-Men First Class, a Mr. E Movie Review

A quick letter to Mr. Matthew Vaughn:

Dear Mr. Vaughn,

I know we’ve never met but I have to say your bowling nothing but strikes as far as I’m concerned. You made me believe that a geek can be so much more with what you did with Kick Ass and now, even though I know the suits over at the studio made working your magic almost impossible, you’ve really elevated your game with what you’ve done with this original X-Men origins story. You need to know you and your team of writers, that I’d like to mention by name in a moment, have single handedly redeemed this beloved yet ineffectively realized franchise. So I say officially from the fans, thank you Matthew Vaughn, Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz, Jane Goldman, Sheldon Turner, and Brian Singer. You are an inspiration.”

Ok, now that I’ve done that lets talk X-Men.

The year 2011 has been deemed the most active year to date for adapting our beloved comic books into big screen releases. In decades past this has had a questionable and sometimes horrible outcome. But in the last ten or so years the technology needed to really bring to life something that has only truly been effectively related to its target audiences through colorfully artistic drawings accompanied by compelling storylines and out-of-this-world one-of-a-kind characters.

When talking about this medium one cannot do it justice without discussing the X-Men. Prior attempts that include the most recent trilogy have been passable at best and honestly most including myself settled for. Now with the release of X-Men First Class we have something brought to the table that is not only action packed and exciting but a well told, revealing origins story.

Not to blow it for those who haven’t seen it yet but this reboot does one of the best jobs yet at answering the questions that not only uber-fans wanted to see answered on the big screen but the ones the general audience had in the back of their minds about these characters that they’ve developed without having read a thousand comic books to get there. I’m saying more of the common man questions like how did Professor X and Magneto actually got their names and how did they go from friends to foes or even simply how did Professor X get in the wheel chair. In this and much more First Class answers those things all while tying into enough real life events to make it seem more movie-history believable. (I know the history buffs are chomping at the bit to crucify that part of the film but let it go, breathe, it‘ll be ok I promise.)

I have no desire to recap the film or give any sort of play by play of events as I think going in or coming out of the theater blind is the best way to experience this X-Men film. All that I’d like to say is that its gotten such great reviews because it’s good, real good. The kind of good that had me wanting to cuss to describe how much I liked it, like, “this movie is @#$%ing awesome!” But, I refrain.

Even if your not a fan, the fact that they’ve achieved a successful mix of super hero with what’s been described as a James Bond element is sure to make for an excellent movie going experience.

I’m giving the film, the experience, the cast, and the crew of X-Men First Class 5 out of 5 stars and a definite recommend to any and everyone who reads this.

Leave me a comment below to let me know if you agree or disagree with my review.

“…and remember 3-parts popcorn to 2-parts chocolate washed down with 1-part cold beverage. Mmm. See you at the movies!” – Mr. E