12A – 120mins – Documentary/Crime – 18th February 2011

The financial crisis of 2008 hit everyone hard of that there is no doubt and Inside Job seeks to understand the causes of this from how the crisis came about to who was responsible and what is being done to try and bring those people to justice. The overawing feeling whilst watching this movie is one of disgust, frustration and anger at the people who instigated the downfall of so many companies and who led to the destruction of so many lives both in America (and outside its boarders).

During multiple interviews the offenders are at a loss of what to say and even though they do not say what they believe, it is obvious that they are merely recalling fixed statements of denial or are actually stumped at ways in which to answer the questions without incriminating themselves. It also shows the conflict of interests of the ‘expert academics’ who are supposed to be independent and yet gain the majority of their income from the financial sector.

The director Charles Ferguson must be credited with making the seemingly complex world of cooperate finance easy to understand by introducing simple clear diagrams and visuals to help break down the barriers that could lead to confusion.

The film does skimp a bit on a point that I would have been most interested in. Why did the governments fail so spectacularly to enforce these fraud claims and why still is nothing being done? This if anything adds to the emotion that you feel when it becomes obvious that the players have not only escaped charges but are better off for it and still have extremely high power positions.

Overall this documentary got me reeling at the world of Wall Street with the most disturbing thing being that what they did was and still is considered legal and not criminal. Would you do the same thing though if the shoe was on your foot instead? You would like to think not but in this greed led world, it seems anything is possible

Rating: 7.7/10

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