Kristen Wiig – Check
Maya Rudolph – Check
Oh … wait…. That’s it. The only two SNL alumnus’s glamouring our big-screen boob tube. Had to double check to make sure. Cause as I sat watching chin on elbow, elbow on arm rest I was waiting for Amy Poehler, Cheri Oteri, Molly Shannon, or even Tina Fey to pop up in a scene. Like in the classy scene in the Wedding Gown store. Obviously I use classy here in the sarcastic sense. A funny sarcastic sense? Ummm… let’s just say that that scene didn’t have me rolling on the floor upchucking in laughter. Blatantly honest, at no real point did I howl at Kristen Wiig’s (as writer) nor Paul Fieg’s (as director) attempts at titillating my funny bone. Smiles, smirks and barely audible “ha ha’s” did permeate from my chin on elbow posturing at points – especially towards the end when Wiig’s Annie and Rose Byrne’s Helen try to get the vehicular attention of an imported chivalrous cop Rhodes (played with some cute humble pie by Chris O’Dowd). Hearing many folks compare Bridesmaids to The 40 Year Old Virgin will illicit a “no comment” from me as I have yet to see it. For those who have elicited Bridesmaids as the estrogenic version of The Hangover, I would have to say, ON WHAT PLANET? Venus? The Hangover was a pinball machine of whacked-out spastastic whodunit Michael Tyson Vegas raucous. Bridesmaids, on the far different flip side, strives to balance serious, heartfelt temperament with moments of left-field potty humour. Which accumulates in an uneven balance of drama? comedy? somewhere in between? theatrics that is indeed entertaining, but nowhere near ground breaking. Especially not in the forum of female comedy. Another “unlike” juxtaposition against The Hangover, which mauchoistically busted down comedic testosterone walls in 2009. Acting wise, the MVP wedding cake topper award definitely goes to Melissa McCarthy, being one of the most well rounded, developed and absurd characters in the film. Kristen Wiig definitely stretches her dramatic skills via restraint, her emotive eyes and her attempts at trying to naturally embody a normal human being. With such acknowledgment, I still feel that Kristen Wiig never fully transcends her SNL personas. Buttress that up with an uneven dramedy tone and Maya Rudolph doing another 94% unbedazzling performance a la Away We Go, Bridesmaids is an ok movie but isn’t Thor-ific. Maybe whore-iffic from a revolting John Hamm point of view.