Comic book movies are becoming the norm these days, with examples like “The Dark Knight” and “Iron Man 2”. And this year’s “Thor” is no exception to the comic book movie. The movie is an exciting action film filled with wonderful set pieces that leave the viewer entertained. Although the writing does suffer a bit as it pushes itself too much to set up for a sequel. “Thor” is impressive yet it could have had a better set-up.

The plot of the film surrounds Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Living all his life in Asgard, Thor wants to become the ultimate warrior. But on the day of his christening of becoming a legendary warrior, Thor disobeys his father, Odin, and is banished to Earth. Here, Thor must cope with the lifestyles of the people of Earth and must find a way back home to Asgard. Meanwhile, Thor’s brother Loki steals the throne from Odin and decides to make Thor’s life a living hell. It’s up to Thor to stop Loki and bring peace in the universe.

“Thor” does the comic book justice. There are some pretty interesting results that came out of this movie. This is mainly due to the action sequences and the large amount of special effects in the film. Everything looks good on screen and the action is paced very well. But with that said, there are some problems with the movie.

The characters are a bit bland, the pacing of the movie goes a little too fast, and the direction could have been better. But what really got to me was the writing. It seems like the screenplay is pushing itself too hard to set up for the Avengers movie coming out next year. This plagues the movie throughout the entire production as we get several references to other Marvel comic book characters. If the film hadn’t pushed itself so much on setting up for the Avengers movie, or a sequel to Thor, then it would have been good.

Overall, “Thor” is an entertaining movie filled with action, but it needs a better set-up. It’s a good comic book movie; it just could have been better. I recommend this film for those who enjoy action and comic books, but prepare to be a bit disappointed.