Jumping the Broom stars Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, Laz Alonzo, Paula Patton, and a host of other familiar faces in show biz. Set in Martha’s Vineyard, two families from different sides of the track are joined together to attend the union of Jason Taylor (Laz Alonzo) and Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton). Because of different traditions and values, the two families clash while seeking a middle ground about the wedding. One major debate is whether or not the couple should jump the broom.

This inspiring movie about love and the trials and tribulations which come along with it proves that Hollywood can still provide a fun, heart felt movie instead of the slapstick comedies or movies with extensive special effects (especially 3-D). Jumping the Broom includes an extensive cast with all significant roles. I can imagine that evenly distributing camera time among the characters had to be a task, but somehow every character gets his and her fair share of inclusion in the movie.

I love a good action movie, but I was refreshed to actually see a good romantic comedy for a change. I highly recommend this movie for those who enjoy romantic comedy based on family values and faith.

My verdict: 4.5 stars