Marvel’s newest chapter in The Avengers saga follows the story of the Norse God of Thunder Thor. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is the king-in-waiting for the kingdom of Asgard, where his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) rules. After a stupid mistake by Thor leads to the end of a treaty and the beginning of a war with the Ice Giants (The meaner version of the Na’vi from Avatar). Odin casts out Thor, separating him from his hammer, which holds all of his power and he finds himself on Earth where he is run over by a group of astrophysicists led by Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). Thor must reclaim his hammer and return to Asgard before anything bad happens.

The few things I heard about this film were how ridiculous the costumes were and how bad the lead actor Chris Hemsworth was. Yes, the costumes were ridiculous, but it’s a comic book movie, that’s expected and I didn’t think Hemsworth did a bad job at all. I’ve also heard the story doesn’t really match the comics very well, but I never was into Thor, he’s a god not a superhero so he’s a very uninteresting character with a rather ridiculous back story. According to the film, the great kingdom of Asgard is at the end of a rainbow bridge; the only rainbow bridges I’ve heard of had to do with leprechauns and fairies, not all powerful gods. It did make me wonder if the mighty warrior Thor felt badass as he strolled down the magically enchanting rainbow bridge.

Thor didn’t have a great choice of director in my eyes when they chose Kenneth Branagh to direct. Branagh is best known as an actor, probably most notably as Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of the Secrets, he also directed and acted in two not so good films. One being the Tom Cruise WWII film “Valkyrie” and the other one is the Frankenstein movie that starred Robert Deniro as the monster, which was a disaster.

I think the film was entertaining and didn’t really have me bored or uninterested, but one of the problems is that Asgard isn’t that cool or interesting and the scenes on Earth are actually more fun and helps me to get know the characters, in Asgard the characters all act like emotionless zombies, especially the Ice Giants and the Guardian. Anthony Hopkins was really out of place too, he just belongs in the award winning films, his talents are pretty useless in this.  Hemsworth and Portman were supposed to be the lovers in this one, which although I liked the playful banter, there was nothing, they share one kiss and I see no connection or interest from them.

Overall, Natalie Portman was great as always, Hemsworth was pretty good, but still didn’t feel like a great leading man, and the villains were either creepy looking and easily beaten or ridiculous looking and easily beaten. It was decent and worth watching, but I have no interest in seeing this character again or seeing how things will continue, which really hurts the upcoming Avenger film if it happens. I would recommend watching it, but it seems like a better film to watch at home, you won’t miss much, and the 3D was decent and like every other 3D movie ever, completely unnecessary. After the film and the awfully long credits, there is a scene which is about a minute and half long and gives a hint to the plot and villain of the Avengers film.