‘Thor’ is directed by Kenneth Branagh and written by Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz, Don Payne, J. Michael Straczynski, and Mark Protosevich. It is based off the comic book by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby. The film stars Australian newcomer, Chris Hemsworth and Academy Award winners Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins. ‘Thor’ centers on an arrogant, ill-tempered warrior proclaimed as the “God of Thunder” who answers to the name of “Thor.” Thor (Chris Hemsworth), is bravely stupid, and enjoys starting wars to defend his people, his name, and his family. He encompasses too much pride that it falters his character and his relationship with his family. When Thor declares War against their rival, the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, his father Odin (Hopkins) decides that Thor’s immature, irresponsible rash actions proves that he is not ready to be crowned King. In order for Thor to learn, Odin exiles Thor out of Asgard, deprives him of his powers and causes Thor to land on Earth. Can Thor survive in a world he is completely clueless about without his powers while his family has to fight the war he started in Asgard, or will his family lose their fight in battle and Thor will be lost with the rest of the mortals on Earth??

I thought ‘Thor’ was incredibly entertaining. The acting was great; Hemsworth was beyond believable in his role of ‘Thor’.  He never ever broke character and in some scenes was actually quite comical. Natalie Portman, who plays Jane, was absolutely delightful. Although her role was fairly minor she exuded beauty and grace in every shot and portrayed the gorgeous nerd effortlessly. Tom Hiddleston, who portrays Thor’s brother Loki, delivered a decent performance.  Hiddleston wasn’t intimidating or threatening at all. His character should’ve been stronger and his performance was rather weak. Stellan Skarsgard portrays Erik Selvig, the brilliant mentor to Jane. He was intelligent and worldly. He protected Jane as if she was his daughter, especially when they experience their first encounter with Thor, which made watching their bond all the more enjoyable.


The storyline was unfortunately overdone. It seems as though a lot of comic book movies have similar plots and characters. I don’t know much about the stories of ‘Thor’ but I was hoping for more. It was compelling and rich with good actors and nice shots by Branagh, but I would like a little difference in plot. I liked that he was banished from Asgard and had to learn how it feels to be a human without powers. Watching Thor be his high and mighty self in the middle of New Mexico was hilarious. He called Jane’s trailer her ‘chambers’ and when he liked a cup of coffee instead of asking he throws the mug on the floor and declares “This is delicious! I’ll have another!” certain little subtleties made it all the more interesting and amusing.


Overall, I think ‘Thor’ was awesome. I highly recommend it to comic book lovers, people who love action-packed films with comedy and heart built into it.

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