After a years’ discontinuity in cinema it was a very much awaited appearance for Cuba Gooding Jr and also for his fans.  “The Hit List”  an early release for 2011 ,drives  Alan Campbell (Cole Houser) a man who has lost sight of his family due to his ambitious nature in getting ahead of life, who is confronted by wife Sydney Campbell (Ginny Weirick) to a confession of an affair that she has been having with Alans’ best friend Mike Dodd ( Drew Waters). Alan who calmly walks out at the confession finds himself at a local bar making friends with Jonas Arbor (Cuba Gooding Jr) an assassin by profession. In a state of sheer drunkenness Alan draws up a hit list that ends up more than just a measly hangover the very next day. A lesson to be learnt by us all – do not make friends with strangers at bars/pubs!

A movie which started very much like a Daniel Craig’s’ James Bond, is unable to live up to its  great 007 opening credits. There was considerable fluctuation within the performances of the scenes that keeps the curve of interest in the viewer’s deviating beyond the safe zones. William Kaufman (Director) who is new at this definitely tries his best to bring out some sizzling action with a few high speed cop car chases etc. Sadly the effort although acknowledged does not capture the audience as expected.

Performances within the cast were on an average level with the exception of Cuba Gooding Jr, whose acting tended to overshadow the rest of the cast. A precise performance – good job. Drilled right into the center of ben an assassin and was very convincing despite the oddly , very oddly executed walk. I can’t be sure what he was trying to achieve but still he did make the effort although clumsy!

Although some context in the screen play seems unrealistic maybe in contemporary society we do such idiosyncrasies. (Referring to the methods used by the wife to convey the message of distance to her husband). Although it’s not a movie I would recommend one to hunt down for or even spend a few hours downloading, if you do grab a copy quite by chance, there would not be any harm watching it. I have to warn you. It may bore.

Title: The Hit List

Directed by: William Kaufman

Starring: Cuba Gooding Jr, Cole Houser

Rated: R for violence and language

Rating: 04/10