A James Cameron movie ,the 18th of December 2009,the much awaited come back of the director who made headlines in all possible media by bringing into life the epic tale of the maiden voyage of the unsinkable vessel “The Titanic” – now brings forth “Avatar”.The hype prior to the release of this movie was so intense and I could not but wait to watch it. Weeks in opening “Avatar” is the world wide & UK ( excluding the US ) 2nd highest box office hit only to be topped by the “Titanic” – once again by James Cameron. How does he do it?I had to find out.After days of waiting I finally managed to find my self tickets to witness the movie that has made such a row. All facebook updates was all about how cool Avatar is and the suspense was killing me. Well,my seat was not the most comfortable – since I was forcibly seated between two families but yet – HELL ITS AVATAR!!So the movie begins – All eyes and ears in sync to the momentum of the 3D animation / computer generated animation / the real deal!The movie has a slow start which I believe;a most required background build up to the main story line. The cast I would say is quite in place , however I personally felt that Sam Worthington (Jake Sully) pulled it off better in Terminator – Salvation. Where as Michelle Rodriguez & Stephen Lang was a perfect fit into the characters. I was expecting Avatar to be more of an action packed , war of the worlds genre movie by the teasers I had seen. However I was astounded when the story line took a more deeper turn when deeper human emotions of love and passion grew within the story.Well dont jump the gun – Love and passion does not mean it becomes like a standard bollywood dance in the rain movie – although the scene with the avatars being intimate was not pleasing to the eye. It brought out deeper morals such as the value of life and the respect to ones way of life & the passions of preserving them and not giving into the desires of wealth. Although the computer generated animation was set on a distant moon named pandora – this is one point I feel James Cameron wanted to emphasise as the writer / Director as well. Quite a contemprorary story line!I have been at many a movie theatres and I have watched many an animation movie 3D or not. However Avatar – was colorful beyond description _ it was exorbitant. This is where I was totally engrossed in the movie. I mean with colors like that how can one not want to watch it. The depths of the emotions and the power of the characters were displayed with an array of Color combinations that made the 3D experience all new.However right throughout the movie I always had this feeling that the movie was not as good as I wanted it to be and this made me feel that despite all the short lived moments of “WOW” – Avatar was just not the movie for me. This I entirely blame on those reviews of “Avatar” being the best!!! Soon I realised why Avatar did get all those comments and reviews. The Climax to the final battle was what brings out the true feel (TO ME) or the butterflies as I call it. As a regular movie buff – this is why I watch a movie – to have that feeling of “wow” , or to have that feeling of “HELL NO!!”. The music score and the final battle I think gave me what I came searching for. The final battle, which I thought was over; was not!! It turned over and had final come back in the final battle which was THE MOMENT for me.Well that was Avatar to me and hmmmmm.. It was good. I must say – the visual affects and the story line was quite entertaining. If your going to a movie to sit back unwind and just be entertained – Avatar quite fulfills it all. I am just a regular movie buff and this is just how I saw the movie and how I felt about it – No more no less…..If u have not seen it.. I would Say.. Watch it!