Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale & Sam Rockwell puts together an outstanding movie that would just awaken your deepest emotions. The movie that evolves around a widowed fathers desire to see his family together after the demise of his wife 5 months ago – is a tale that touches your heart and make you think of home.”Everybodys Fine” is the work of Kirk Jones (III). Kirk Jones although with his short span of experience and the movies to back his belt up, has put together this heart warming family movie that can be enjoyed by th whole family. When I first saw the poster for the movie I expected it to be a light hearted family movie that I may enjoy with laughter. However once the movie began to unviel it was quite the opposite of what I had expected. This outstanding piece is about how Robert De Niro puts all his efforts in his old age to see the children that he had loved and brought up so dearly. The Oscar winning actor plays true justice to the portrayal of the character FRANK GOODE. Kirk Jones I feel has made quite the perfect pick in chosing De Niro for the part. Although the movie does have quite many characters in it , the backbone of the entire story line evolves around De Niro. If the lead character was not able to build up the tsunami of emotions the director desired for, this movie would have hit the box office with a big FLOP.The story line is quite bland and very staright forward and personally I felt that it was not an astounding script. The story line is that of a very basic principal. Man loses wife. Man tries to tighten ties with kids.Simple. However the the way the bland script was brought to life just kept me tearing right through the entire movie.An oscar winner alone cannot make a good movie and this effort was no different. De niro was backed up by an amazing and very well experienced group of hollywood stars.Kate Beckinsale ; more over know as Evelyn from the epic movie “Pearl Harbor” portrays the role of one of the children along side Sam Rockwell who does the voice of Darwin in “G Force” and also was seen in the movies “The winning season” & “Moon” a few years ago. No introduction is need for the next support role , one of the angels her self. Drew Barrymore comes on as the last sibling with the softest touch and surprisingly – a lesbian.Out of sheer love, all the children when confronted by there father on his surprise visit, depicted a life style that they knew was their fathers dream. This masquarade they put on had me fooled all the way to the end which had breaking down into tears. Although there was a lot of deception the intentions were pure and it brought out the values within the family and the love shared amongst them and the strength of the bonds. As we all grow with time , we tend to forget the value of our parents and become too busy with getting on with our lives,families and careers. We tend to overlook the fact that the very humans who clothed us and nursed us as children are still around and all they want is to be a part of our lives. This very fact , draws the movie and our real lives and brings into the spotlight the reality in todays world. How many of us actually think before bed, have our parents had there meals? taken their medication on time? How many of us just call them up just to say hi? how many of us call them up apart from a birthday or an anniversary. Director Kirk Jones (III) brings in a reality check and gives a tap on our head and makes us open our eyes. He makes us realise , the very things we have taken for granted today.A movie of this Genre was long over due in the contemprorary cinemas and finally , it is here. This is not a movie for those who do not have a desire to absorb true life , this is not for those who would like to see laughter and action , this is for those who have the patience to absorb the true nature of life.”Everybodys fine” is an outstanding movie and I recommend it be watched by anyone who can ever get a hand on a copy. I can gaurantee that the story line will touch your hearts and open your eyes and you will feel the desire to take up the phone and call up your parents.I am just a regular movie buff and this is just how I saw the movie and how I felt about it – No more no less…..If you have not seen it…This is a movie like no other. Its worth your time.