“Silent Warnings” stars a cast composed mainly unknown actors and actresses, aside from the cameo appearance by Stephen Baldwin. It’s directed by Christian McIntire (Velocity Trap) and the story is written by Kevin Grendreau.

After his cousins death, Layne Vossimer (who has appeared in many TV shows) heads to visit his cousin’s farm with some of his friends to hang out there. Upon arrival, the group sees that the farm house is a wreck. After getting settled, some strange crop circles appear in the corn fields. This leads them to believe that the locals are playing tricks on them, until they discover the unimaginable.

“Silent Warnings” tells it’s story in the time span of several days. This Sci-Fi flick has some moments that I found entertaining, but it has all been done before. This is clearly a bad rip-off of “Signs”. It gets more interesting as the days pass by and you become more anticipated at what the alien will look like, leading to a ultimately disappointing alien shown near the end. After the mold for the alien suit didn’t come out correctly, the film makers decided to use CGI. This was a bad idea.

Director Christian McIntire doesn’t do a bad job at directing this Sci-Fi flick, but doesn’t shine either. The only real issues this movie has is the fact that it tries to hard at the end and the material has been used before. Even leaving the alien suit deformed and cheap looking would have made this movie much more amusing. Instead, the director decided to try to create a creepy and stylish alien picture. This all worked until the aliens were shown on screen. After that, it wasn’t anywhere near scary, or creepy for that matter. What started off as a cut above average sci-fi movie, ended up having a crowded ending.

The score sounded familiar, like it has been used in many different Sci-Fi movies. The best acting on the screen was done by Stephen Baldwin, who made the cameo appearance as cousin Joe. Lacking intelligence and the ability to create a suitable rip-off, Christian McIntire does have talent, but wasted it on rehashed material. This will lead to many movie critics and fans looking down on him for having no originality. This just might be the last we will hear from director Christian McIntire.