Sadly this was not at all I expected out of this. Vince Vaughn and Kevin James are outstanding actors. They are greats in genre of comedy and they hopefully always will be.  You know what it is like to eagerly wait for a copy of a movie and then watch it to find out that it was putrid to the bone. Those of you who were unfortunate enough to watch “Funny People” know exactly the kind of emotion that I am talking about.

Vince Vaughn who gave us “Couples Retreat” Kevin James from “Mall Cop” has made a very poor choice in script this time round. “The Dilemma”; best friends, one married; Nick (Kevin James) and one not ;Ronny (Vince Vaughn) are business partners and are in the midst of making a deal of life time that would aid in launching there company. Ronny who is also making plans to propose to his girlfriend quite by accident stumbles upon Nick’s wife cheating? Ronny who is clueless as to what to do about his discovery ends up rattling his life, whilst trying to do the right thing?

I cannot zone in on one particular area of the production, so that I may do justice to this piece. The movie had wrongs all over the place. The screen play was not well thought out as far as the comedy was concerned. Drama? There is a bit of Drama. This is the gravest drawback of subtle comedy. It’s neither here nor there. Besides, in this production I am forced to believe that the writer took it too easy and ended up with a screenplay that was neither funny nor did it have the depth to go the distance in drama. My next question is, why do you take the time to make such movies? An answer we will never get.

The only silver lining was how Vaughn, James and Tatum managed to squeeze like 5 moments of laughter in the movie. If not for that I would have hated myself more for wasting my time. Maybe there is something that completely went over my head and I missed completely, I just can’t make myself to agree on the choice made by the actors to take up the script.

Hopefully in future movies as such should not take off the production design boards. Great effort by the writer Allan Loeb and Director Ron Howard. You guys have proven yourself to be outstanding at what you guys have done in the past. There is no doubt on the exceptional talent that you guys have. It just didn’t work this time.  It could have been much worse if it was attempted by someone who did not have as much expertise as the guys behind the scenes of “The Dilemma”

Title: The Dilemma

Directed by: Ron Howard

Starring: Vince Vaughn , Kevin James

Rated: PG 13

Rating: 02/10

111 Minutes