image“New Location, New Characters, New Rides”

Easily the best car movie of the year, The Fast Five will have you shifting to the fifth gear shortly after watching it. The story unfolds after Mia [Brewster] and O’Connor [Walker] broke Dom [Diesel] out of custody. Being in the most wanted list, the trio fled from the U.S. across the border as top-priority fugitives. Soon, they found themselves rounding up an elite team for another grand heist to get enough money to buy their own freedom. The problem is that the U.S. Government appointed the best tracking agent, Luke Hobbs [Johnson], to hunt all of them down. And Dom’s team is also up against the most powerful man in Brazil, Reyes [de Almeida], the guy who’s money they’re about to steal.

Since the beginning of the film franchise, the quality of the story in each movie had grown less and less believable. The plot had consequently grown weaker as well, almost on the verge of desperation to piece the franchise together into a coherent series of events. Also, the script is a bit tacky, depending heavily on macho cliché one-liners and corny car puns. Even so, what it lacks in sense is clearly made up with its high-octane action sequences.

The only aspect of this film that elevated it to the point of being awesome is the action. Surprisingly though, one of the best scene in this flick isn’t a car scene but the fight between The Rock and Vin Diesel [always a pleasure to see two buff bald dudes breaking into an epic fist fight]. On the other hand, it was a bit of a disappointment on the fans’ part because the concept of racing was dramatically downplayed in this installment compared to the previous installments. But then again, watching steroid-fueled cars [literally] flying through the slums of Rio de Janeiro and seeing intensely believable police car chases makes this film a definite must-see on the big screen

.Another desirable and unique feature of this installment is the combination of the old characters with the new ones. Personally, I was having doubts with the casting of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson having seen his latest forgettable movie:  Faster. Fortunately he fit the role well and blended satisfactorily to the other Fast and Furious veterans such as: Tyrese , Ludacris and the guy who played Han. Also, expect new romances to be formed between the diverse characters in this film. The heavy star power of Fast Five gave this movie more character than the previous ones.

Despite all its obvious weaknesses, the Fast Five is still a highly recommended movie to watch. It successfully fulfils every straight man’s testosterone-driven fantasies: cars, women and a whole lot of action. Plus, it’s got enough explosives to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats. Also, the unexpected twist in the end will surely have fans itching for the next film.