Thor is the newest comic brought to life through Marvel. This fantasy, action/adventure movie about Norse gods stars Anthony Hopkins, Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Tom Hiddleston. The movie opens with a group of American scientists chasing storms. In hopes to catch footage of a tornado, Jane Foster (Portman) and her team begin chasing a massive amount of lighting. Upon their arrival to the site they discover aman, Thor (Hemsworth), lying in the middle of a field. Where he came from is a mystery.

The movie rewinds to tell the story of how Thor came to fall from the sky and land on Earth. Thor comes from  the realm of Asgard where he and his brother, Loki (Hiddleson), seek approval from their father, Odin (Hopkins) for only one of them can be heir to the thrown of Asgard. Due to Thor’s disobedience to his father and arrogance in his abilities, Thor is stripped of his powers and cast from his realm to Earth. While on Earth, Thor discovers that being a mortal being takes greater courage to be a hero when fighting against the villain who tries to take over Asgard and invade Earth.

Thor was unlike most Marvel movies where action is the primary factor in the film. In Thor, the actual story takes the front seat with scattered action scenes here and there. While the action scenes weren’t impressive, I was still entertained. I enjoyed the acting performances by Hemsworth and of course Hopkins. The visual effects in this movie were another great element in this movie. 

I anticipated seeing this movie since I saw the first trailer, but after seeing this movie I was disappointed. Based on the trailers, I expected a lot of action, but Thor wasn’t your typical super-hero movie. This movie went into more depth about the actual story. So, if you want to see this movie based on the trailers, don’t expect too much action.

My verdict: 3.5 stars