Directed by Neil Burger. Starring Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish.

From Neil Burger, the writer and director of The Illusionist and The Lucky Ones, comes the new action-thriller Limitless starring Bradley Cooper as a man who takes an experimental drug that allows him to boost his brain power from 20% to 100%.

Out-of-work writer Eddie Morra, played by Bradley Cooper, is rejected by girlfriend Lindy, played by Abbie Cornish, which causes his life has hit rock bottom. But, when he happens to run into his old friend and ex-brother-in-law, Vernon, played by Johnny Whitworth, he introduces Eddie to MDT, a designer pharmaceutical that super charges the brain and boosts the confidence. Now charged on MDT, everything Eddie’s ever read, heard, or seen has been instantly organized and available to him. So what’s a guy to do but rise to the top of the financial world? Turning a few thousand into a few million in just days. This draws the attention of the business world and mogul Carl Van Loon, played by Robert De Niro, who sees Eddie as a tool to make billions.

Just as Eddie seems to have it all going for him brutal side effects begin to effect his sanity and jeopardize his meteoric rise. 

Once you get past the miracle MDT drug and its instantaneous benefits and accept the reality of the story your looking at good storytelling that has all the elements and is paced fast enough to keep just about anybody interested throughout. The entire cast did well.

Bradley Cooper is great as the good looking, eminent hero. From the scraggly writer we see in the beginning to the super sleek, genius he becomes his performance is both believable and entertaining. Now, as far as Robert De Niro goes he’s been around so long and done so much that he could sit silently on film and just stare into the camera and get a good review. Here he did a little more than that so we’ll have to give him good marks.

All-in-all Limitless is an entertaining, good time that’ll leave you satisfied in your movie watching experience. I give it a big 3 out of 5 stars.