The final chapter in the Harry Potter literary and film phenonemon in about to close, with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part one, and part two soon to come.

The splaying of the final novel into two films was obviously a way to make more money from the HP franchise by enciting consumers to buy two tickets. However, this has given director David Yates the capability to truely do the book justice.

Unlike the other HP films in which crucial bits are often left out and rely on viewers knowlege of the novels, HP 7 Part one has paid attention to all of the crucial story details.

Harry, Ron and Herminones, search for the horcruxes begins as they travel over rugged european landscapes. Yates has painted the country as war stricken and tourtered, and portrays the sense of doom Voldemorts reign has created.

Just like J.K Rowlings novels matured, so to has the HP films. HP 7 Part One deals with the relationships of Ron, hermione and Harry and the dark they are facing. This HP  can no longer be classes a childerns film. The Scene at Bathilda Bagshots house is disturbing and sickening but captures the essence of the novel perfectly. Although thankfully darker than some of the other films in the series, HP 7 Part one has managed to keep that sense of humour we have come to love in the HP films. It starts with a quite amusing scene, with the seven potters and of course the character of Ron continues to provide comic relief with his ludicrous facilous experssions and remarks like ‘Bloody Hell.’

Probably, the scene that need the most commemorating is the one where they use polyjuice potion to break into the ministry. It is both tension ridden and hilarious, but i won’t give to much away.

HP 7 Part Seven has thumbs up from me! Bring on Part Two!